Nik Salazar Talks with Tonight

Nik Salazar, an up and coming artist, took the time to talk with Tonight about his inspiration, new album, and his fans.

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Growing up in the 90’s provided Nik with many different acts from which he would later draw inspiration for his new album and what began his love for music.

“…it was in that decade that I felt in love with music, I was fascinated by all the great pop acts such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, Nsync, Backstreet Boys etc and I just couldn’t stop listening to their music. That’s when I said to myself ‘I wanna be like them one day’.”

Nik explains how his new album “All Yours” came to be saying,

 “This album took me 2 years to make, and it was mainly because I found myself in a position in which I didn’t know in what direction I wanted to go sound wise, and with every song I recorded I wanted to release it as a single, but then I kept writing new ones that I liked more than the last one, and then I started writing only in English, so that’s why I have songs in both languages. At the end, I did [find] my sound which was that “slice of 90s ear pop music” and it just felt right, I knew that was gonna be the sound for the album.”

Both writing and performing his emotionally backed songs allows Nik to be honest with himself and let his true feelings shine.

“When I write music, I try to not think about how good the song will sound and I just focus on letting out whatever I’m going through or whatever I want to write about and be as honest and real as possible.

 “When I’m performing, I think the best way I show my feelings is with my body language, I’m all about performing, more than just playing a song, I like to let my body talk and express what I’m feeling at the moment.”

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photo courtesy of @NikSalazar on Instagram

His emotion is tangible in Nik’s song “Mi Angel”, which is about his dog Sasha.

“Sasha is more than just a dog or a pet to me, she’s an angel that God sent me in a time in my life when I needed her the most, she means the world to me and having to leave her back home was just heartbreaking to me.”

It is evident Nik is passionate about reaching people through his music.

“I want to touch as many souls as possible, regardless of their genre, race, sexual orientation or age. I want people to listen to my music and feel all type of emotions, forget about any worries and just feel and connect with my music, and I plan to achieve that by getting every time better and better as a songwriter. If you have a good song, sooner or later it’ll find it’s way to success.”

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photo courtesy of @NikSalazar on Instagram

His passion for songwriting and exciting new music make Nik Salazar an artist to watch.

To stay updated on Nik Salazar and his music, you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, check out his music on iTunes!

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