New Artist JNNA Plans to Take the Music World by Storm

Singer / songwriter JNNA left pursing a communications degree at Santa Monica College to find herself in her real dream of making music.


Leaving school after two years of hard work is serious business, but JNNA knew it was the right call.

“I realized that, the whole time I was [at school], it was kinda of just a back up for me. I wasn’t happy at all with where I was at that point in my life and I knew that music was the only thing that would ever make me authentically happy.”

Music clearly means a lot to JNNA, and she is thankful to have an opportunity to create her own.

“[Music is] what I’m meant to do with my life. I believe everyone is given something that will make them exceptionally happy for the rest of their lives. Sometimes it just takes time to find it.”

Being new to the music world, JNNA has an individual process for writing her songs.

“When I’m writing, if I’m home alone, I’m just sitting down and jot ideas down as they come to me. But when I’m in the studio, I usually have the music on repeat while I write; sometimes the vibes of the music will help me come up with some new.”


Still experimenting with different sounds, JNNA self describes her music as “eclectic musically and soulful vocally.”

Even though JNNA hasn’t been in the game all that long, she is already receiving support from fans online.

“So far, I’ve received such insanely kind and supportive messages from people on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram who say that they’re loving my music and are curious of when I’m going to be releasing some of my own.”

Speaking of her own music, JNNA let Tonight know that she will be releasing her very first single sometime soon!

To learn more about JNNA and her music, check out her Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and SoundCloud!

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