Keith Walker’s Interview with Tonight

Country singer / songwriter Keith Walker takes some time to explain his musical journey.

photo courtesy of Lauren Athalia

In July 2016, Keith Walker released his EP, The Space Between. Each song on the EP has a special meaning to Keith, as he explains…

All my music comes from experiences I’ve had and I feel when writing its important to make sure that each song comes from a real place, otherwise I wouldn’t relate to it and neither would country music fans.”

Specifically related to this EP, Keith Walker had a theme in mind.

“I wanted this EP to have a feeling of good times and summer, which is my favorite time of the year for obvious reasons. I love a good bonfire, which is where the title track Space Between came from.”

Being from Southern California, country music isn’t the most popular genre. However, Keith knew it was his calling.

“Most don’t really think of California and country music in the same thought but I do. All the girls were listening to Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney so what better way to find a girl than to sing country music right?! But for real though, it was my brother and mom that got me really into it as a young kid. I didn’t realize it was my calling until my brother’s girlfriend went into a coma following a bad car wreck. My brother wasn’t doing so well and it was Tim McGraw’s song “Don’t Take The Girl” that really helped him during that time. When he made me pay attention to each lyric, it was then that I realized the power that country music can have. I was hooked and never looked back.”

photo courtesy of Lauren Athalia

With catchy lyrics, fans easily connect with Keith Walker’s powerful lyrics.

“The fans have embraced my music and I am forever thankful for them. Occasionally I’ll get a message on Facebook or Twitter letting me know how much a song of mine helped them during a rough time in their life. Others will let me know that another song of mine has become an anthem for them at summertime. It’s been an amazing ride so far because of the fans and I can’t wait to keep sharing my music with them.”

Of all the people Keith has effected, it seemed natural to find out who effects him most.

“I’d have to say my mom… She never once stopped believing, even when it looked like it was never going to happen. She’s my angel and I’m not sure I’d be where I am if I didn’t have her in my corner.”

Of all Keith Walker’s songs, at Tonight “Me Too” is our favorite. We had to get the scoop.

“That was actually a fun writing session. ASCAP, my Performing Right Organization at the time, asked me to write with a new writer in town. Usually on the first write, nothing comes of it but there was something pretty special about this one. We started talking about Festivals and Fairs and how it was where we’d take our high school girlfriends on dates back in the day. The song just started flowing out. It’s one of my favorites I’ve ever been apart of writing and it’s now the current radio single.”

photo courtesy of Lauren Athalia

Getting hooked on Keith Walker’s music isn’t difficult at all. Be on the look out for his shows and new single!

“I’m always working on new music but my next plan is to get ready for shows next Spring/Summer. Me and the crew are working on getting shows lined up so stay tuned! It’s not for sure yet but I have a new song I want to release as a single soon… I can’t wait for people to hear it. It’s called “That Song” so be on the lookout for it!”

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