Freysh Prince as his Own Artist

Freysh Prince shares his creative process with Tonight.

photo courtesy of freyshhookz

Born in Detroit, singer songwriter Freysh starting writing his own music at only 8 years old.

“My main focus when I’m writing is ‘what do I want to hear.’ Not anyone else, me. I always try to impress myself and push myself to that extra limit so later when I play something back, I can say ‘Damn! I wrote that?’”

Even as a successful writer, Freysh faces challenges when writing music for other people.

“As a songwriter, I’ve learned I can’t always write about my feelings, as other people and artists sometimes don’t go through the same thing. So I could get hired to write a happy pop song and could be feeling super down and I’d have to tap into any kind of a happy zone to write. My feelings rarely show in my music nowadays unless it’s through my vocals. I write about other people’s feelings a lot more than mine.”

photo courtesy of freyshhookz

With lyrics covering so many different moods, fans are able to relate to Freysh Prince’s works.

“I’ve only recently just started back my music career as an artist after being a songwriter for so long. In the time I’ve been back, I get all kinds of love from all over Africa, Germany, and India… It’s a little slow in the US but, I’ve had tons of US fans buyout my iTunes playlist so that’s dope.”

 As an individual artist, new difficulties come into play. But, there is also a lot of return.

“There are constantly ups and downs in this game when you’re up and coming. My biggest downs are always when my depression kicks in and it holds me back from recording and things like that, Then, when the depression is over, it takes a while to get back on track.

My biggest Ups are always definitely traveling and working with different people out of my comfort zone. It really helps you grow.”

photo courtesy of freyshhookz

As Freysh Prince’s music grows, performing live is helping him follow his goals.

“My favorite thing about performing live is the energy. The love you get; the way people react to your art is truly amazing. nothing like it.”

Freysh also shared some updates on upcoming music and tours:

“New music is always being pushed out, I’m sure it’s something being released right now. only because I work with so many different type of producers for my business; There aren’t any tours scheduled just yet but, when my EP “Better Days” drops in January tours will be in the works.”

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