Tonight’s Interview: YouTube Star Alyssa Bernal

YouTube star and singer / songwriter Alyssa Bernal talks with Tonight about YouTube, performing, and her inspirations.

photo courtesy of @alyssabernal89 on Instagram

With over 700,000 YouTube subscribers, Alyssa Bernal is taking on the online music world.

Using YouTube as her main sharing platform, Alyssa has grown a lot as an artist.

“I think constantly posting singing videos over the last ten years and watching them naturally makes you progress as an artist. I was always noticing ways I could better my performance or technique just but watching the video back. I’ve definitely noticed my progress as an artist in the past few years!”

Being a singer and songwriter is not an easy task, but Alyssa has created her own brand with singles and EPs.

There is a ton of work that goes into making an album. First you have to find people that you work well with and who understand what direction you wanna go. (Producers, writers, musicians.) Then I write and record several songs and choose the best.

 [The songwriting process] is different every time. Sometime I get sparks of inspiration in my room and I’ll spend an hour or so writing a song. Other times I’ll meet up with another artist for a songwriting session and we’ll bounce ideas off of each other.”

photo courtesy of @alyssabernal89 on Instagram

 However, every songwriter goes through a time of difficulty when in the writing process.

Usually I’m only writing IF I am inspired. Otherwise, if I’m writing a song and I have a case of writer’s block, I’ll walk away for a few hours and come back when I’m ready to finish writing it. Or I’ll get inspired by other artists.”

 Once the writing process is through, Alyssa has the opportunity to perform her songs. Alyssa shares that performing live makes her feel…

“Adrenaline. Inspired. Happy. Grateful.”

album artwork for “Miss Understood” by Alyssa Bernal

To get a better sense of her music, Tonight asked Alyssa to describe her music briefly.

Neo soul, mellow, groovy, RnB, deep.”

Check out Alyssa Bernal’s latest single “Miss Understood” here. You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to stay in the loop with her newest creations.

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