Country Singer Maggie Baugh Talks New Music with Tonight

Imagine being 16 years old, an incredible country singer, and having a publishing deal in Nashville. For Maggie Baugh, that is reality.

Photo Courtesy of Maggie Baugh Management

South Florida native Maggie Baugh has done a lot for such a young age. Working with so many different artists and teams, Maggie has a lot of people to thank. However, one person stands out among the rest.

“Neal McCoy has helped influence me mostly because of how open minded and humble he is. He has performed and met so many amazing people and to have the same humbleness all the way through is unbelievable… He has helped me with understanding that music is about the fans and it will always be about connecting with your fans.”

Speaking of fans, Maggie’s are connecting with her music in unique ways.

“It is honestly the best feeling ever standing up on stage and seeing the crowd dance and even sing along to some of the songs I have written. Having a song mean something to you and then having other people love it just as much as you do, is amazing and I am so grateful to have such a support behind me.”

Fans might seem to come easy to Maggie, but being a young artist is a big part of her story. However, it is also one of her biggest challenges.

“My biggest hurdle is my age. This is because a lot of people unfortunately do not take younger people and kids seriously even though we are the new and upcoming generation.”

 In addition to that challenge, Maggie still has school to worry about. Luckily, her teachers are willing to help.

“My school is extremely supportive with everything I do. They always help me makeup my work and give me extra time depending on how many days I was gone for.”

Photo Courtesy of Maggie Baugh Management

 Going back to the music, Maggie enjoys taking her music one song at a time.

“I normally express my feelings in an individual song. Normally before a show, I clear my head and forget about other feelings influencing my performance. So if I got into a fight with my friend before my performance or something, it doesn’t influence the way I perform. Then, while I am on stage performing either a sad song or a breakup song, I put all the emotion into that song from the feelings I had before performing.”

By working hard while writing and performing, Maggie has a lot she wants to accomplish.

“My top goal is mainly to get my music out there and make a difference. When I hear or play certain songs, there is just an automatic connection with the song. Whether it is the beat, the melody, or the lyrics, I just want someone to hear my songs and have the same connection.”

 In order to spread her music, Maggie and her team have put together a Kickstarter to support her new album. We’ll let her explain…

“This album means a lot to me. I worked so hard this summer writing and recording that I am so excited for the album finally being available. The title track of my album is called “Catch Me.” It is about leaving home to on an adventure, but the only person you want to come with you on this adventure is at home. It is kind of like I am leaving, this is who I am, I have to go, if you want me, come catch me.

 I am so happy to have a Kickstarter because it is a great way for musicians to give back to their fans after years of hard work. This Kickstarter has given me the opportunity to connect with my fans and talk to them in ways I haven’t been able to before. This is actually my first Kickstarter and I can’t believe we are almost at our goal! Overall, I can’t wait for my fans and the people around me to hear my new project”

 To support Maggie and her album “Catch Me,” you can donate to her Kickstarter HERE.

You can also keep track of Maggie’s projects and music on her Twitter and YouTube.