Sweater Beats at the El Rey Theatre

Antonio Cuna, better known as Sweater Beats, took on the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on Friday, October 28th.


Doors were at 8pm. Tonight Magazine arrived around 8:45. Expecting a full crowd, to walk into the El Rey, which holds over 700 people, and see about 50 people, was pretty unnerving.

The first of three opening acts, Different Sleep, took the stage around 9pm. It was quite strange to see the general admission area nearly empty.

Despite the lack of audience engagement, Different Sleep put on a good show.


Different Sleep’s slow enchanting beats, got the small crowd moving. However, when the songs beats hit a bit harder, the lack of people caused the sound to bounce off the walls, creating a not so sweet sound. Of course, this was not his fault. Different Sleep put in the work, but with people still arriving to the show, the audience was not as captivated as they should have been.

Next up was Basecamp.

By now, the audience had grown a lot more, and people were more excited to get to the stage. Basecamp’s music was SO VIBEY.

The tempo of all their songs was killer, and the crowd was definitely in agreement.


All three members were feeling themselves up on stage, dancing and swaying to their own music.

With a good mix of beats, Basecamp did an awesome job of getting the crowd into the right mood.

The final opening act was Mark Redito.

Mark Redito (left) with Sweater Beats (right). Photo courtesy of @markredito on instagram.

Let’s start off by saying that if this guy doesn’t blow up in the states soon, America is doing something wrong.

With electronic music becoming more and more popular in the States, Mark Redito’s music should take off soon.

The crowd was so engaged with his music, that it felt as if a rave was going on.

His hyphy beats with mashups of popular songs gave every member of the crowd a reason to dance.

Finally, it was time for Sweater Beats to take the stage.

Sweater Beats at the El Rey Theater. Photo courtesy of @sweater_beats on instagram.

A dramatic light show had the crowd involved and ready to jam out.

Sweater Beats’ song Better was a hit right off the bat, especially when he brought his guitar out.

By mid show, the crowd was very, very hyper. The rave-like experience that Mark Redito started most definitely continued into Sweater Beats’ show.

With guest stars MAX and Ryan Siegel of Party Pupils, the entire show was one big party.

Sweater Beats’ new dance beats did a wonderful job of engaging the audience and getting a dance party started.

Be sure to get your tickets to see Sweater Beats and his opening acts at a show near you!

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