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Tonight Magazine recently had the wonderful chance to interview Tony Wedral, a British singer / songwriter.

Photo Courtesy of Tony Wedral

In January 2016, artist Tony Wedral released his EP, The Next Step. Featuring songs about love, life, and taking on the world, Tony’s music is very down to earth. “[My music] is all honest, and it’s all to help the fans out too. I write my music from my heart and experiences”

Since the release of his EP only a few months ago, life has been quite different for Wedral.

My life, in general, has changed a lot since the release! I have graduated from University, I’ve been working in Central London, and I’ve had the chance to work with more, amazing artists because of the success of my debut EP. So it’s definitely changed for the better!”

With music that is written from the heart, (and a cute British accent!), fans can easily connect with his music.

I love to see people tweeting my lyrics, sending me messages that tell me they find comfort from a particular song, when people do covers of my songs etc. It’s nice to know that your own music is somehow having an effect on others around the world.

Inspired by artists like Stevie Wonder and Coldplay, Tony Wedral is working hard to accomplish his musical goals.

I would love to sign a publishing deal, which enables me to write for/with a large amount of incredibly successful artists. Whether it’s me singing on it or not, to have a song I’ve written in the top 10 of the global charts, is definitely a goal of mine. I aim to get there by continuing what I’m doing, writing many more songs, release many more songs, and continuing my hard work on social media.”

 Of course, performing live is also a natural part of being a musical artist. Tonight Magazine asked Tony about his favorite thing about performing live.

The rush! I’m always very nervous, and I do about 1000 laps of the backstage lounge. But once I go on stage, I just let go and sing from my heart – and there’s no better feeling than that.

Wedral also let us know that new music is on it’s way, and that he does plan on visiting the US soon!

Be sure to follow Tony on Twitter and YouTube to stay up to date on his music! You can also purchase his EP, The Next Step, on iTunes now!

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