Bad Suns at The Observatory on October 19, 2016

Stepping into the Santa Ana Observatory is one the best experiences, Bad Suns could not have picked a better starting point for the start of their Disappear Here tour. 


While not a sold out show, the Observatory was still a full house. Hundreds of fans lined up outside the venue to find a great spot inside.

Kid Bloom opened the show with slow moving tempos, having the audience sway to the music. All the band members seemed to be enjoying the time on stage with their friends, as it was a surreal experience. With a light techno rock flare, Kid Bloom’s retro slow beats intrigued the audience, leaving them ready for the next opener.

COIN took the stage next. Formed in Nashville, they gave off a surprisingly East Coast vibe. Only 4 years old, COIN’s stage presence was very experienced, taking control and using all the stage space was definitely a high point for these guys. Pop-rocky,  with a Griswolds feel, COIN was very engaging with the crowd.

Up next, Bad Suns.

Photo Credit: Elliot Lee Hazel

When Bad Suns took the stage, the crowd went wild. It was clear Bad Suns was ready to kick off their tour with an amazing night. Lead singer, Christo Bowman, gave it his all. Walking through the crowd, (risking falling while being grabbed by hundreds of fans), Christo managed to hype up the crowd while staying focused on the task at hand.

Performing songs from the new album, Disappear Here, and the 2014 album, Language and Perspective, was perhaps the best move the band could make.

Bad Suns Disappear Here Album Artwork

It was obvious the fans in the audience knew both albums, and by playing songs off both, the crowd was extra entranced with Bad Suns’ new wave tunes.

Keeping to the new and old theme, Bad Suns’ encore consisted of 2014’s Rearview and 2016’s Heartbreaker.

With intriguing opening acts and a stellar main performance, Bad Suns put on a great show.

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